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Bret Charipper, Ph.D., Program Manager

“Last week we delivered the pilot class for the course (Survey Techniques Workshop) using the materials COBALT developed and prepared for IBM. The students spontaneously praised the Guide for its layout and content. They specifically referred to its clarity and logical organization. Their ultimate compliment was that they were able to use the material on their own without help from the Instructor…the instructor-subject matter expert and I are very pleased with the results of your work. Our joint effort with you has been a very rewarding relationship and the quality of the deliverable demonstrates the high level of effort and professional skill that you gave the course development.”

Sam Zigrossi, Site Regional Manager

“The Quality Mini Assessment Workshop you helped us with has been a real success. The design of the material and the involvement of the students with the outcome of a real work product is unique. Over 20,000 people in IBM have taken the workshop and we've just begun to market it externally. The team you worked with won a $15,000 Award for the development and implementation of the workshop. I want to thank you for your insight and expertise…your guidance put the team on the course for success.”

C. L. Bruce, Education Services Director, IBM United States

“Many thanks for your contributions to make our market-driven implementation program an effective one. The participants’ positive comments and satisfaction ratings are a clear indication of the value…[of] your continued participation in creating quality deliverables to drive this program throughout IBM. Your professionalism and instructional systems expertise have been a significant element in packaging effective course delivery. Thank you again for all your efforts on our behalf. It is a pleasure to work with you.”


Paul Glaser, Chairman, Corporate Technology Committee

“Thank you for your contributions to the design and development of the Strategic Technology Evaluation Program, an educational program important to future technological development at Citicorp. You made substantial instructional design and video contributions to the program. Specifically, the Content Analysis Worksheet you developed early in the project helped the team to refine the program’s scope and intent. You provided valuable research skills to identify videos and professional resources which supported the program’s development and presentation. Thank you again for your help with STEP.”

Florida Department of Health and Rehabilitative Services

Edward Feaver, Deputy Director for Health, State Health Office

“The ‘Contract Managers Training Handbook’ which you helped design and develop for (us) is one of the best training manuals that has ever been done in this department. It served its purpose of significantly improving the contract management skills of a wide variety of social and economic services staff. The manual has stood the test of time and is still used with only minor modifications. I wish you luck…and look forward to hearing from you should you return to Florida.”

Bank of America

Michael Thomas, Vice President

“…outstanding work in designing and developing training materials for the Training Information System (TIS). Because TIS is BAC’s first automated training database system, you have made a very significant contribution working with a team to produce a high quality Guide which as been very well-received by users…working very long hours under a very tight deadline…you went beyond expectations to recommend important changes to the system to better serve user needs. Your attention to detail and your insistence on appropriate levels of field testing were admirable…”

Charles Atthill, VP and Manager, Corporate and Commercial Banking Training

“…led the team that created operations training for a major division of Bank of America during the largest bank merger in history (with Security Pacific Bank). The scope and scale of the training was undetermined at the outset. The primary guideline was to ensure a smooth transition of processes and procedures while maintaining quality of service. The team created a targeted, integrated curriculum for diverse functional audiences and implemented in a very compressed timeframe…developed templates for design and creation of the courseware and worked closely with internal line managers and staff (who had no training experience) to help them successfully build and deliver the programs. The curriculum kept employees positively focused during a difficult time of change and retained corporate customers by maintaining quality of service.”

VerticalNet, Inc.

Jeff Zimmerman, Chief Customer Advocate and SVP, Global Customer Operations

“…extraordinary skills as an educator…strong motivational and organizational skills…critical link between Software Development and Sales/Support organizations…high degree of integrity and confidence in executing many assignments that dealt with our customers, employees and their issues…pleasant and professional manner in dealing with issues…a great and valuable asset to our organization…wholeheartedly recommend Scott where integrity, teamwork and innovation are crucial…”

California Medical Training Center, UC Davis Health System

William Green, M.D., Clinical Professor, Emergency Medicine

“…the lead consultant for (multi-million dollar) curriculum and program development…of a statewide, multidisciplinary, multi-level training program…analyzed the development process, helped set up priorities and timelines, facilitated individual assignments…In addition to his excellent training and broad-based experience, he employed a number of curriculum development ‘tools’ (most of which he created) that focused and organized our endeavors. His process brought logic, common sense, thoroughness, productivity, and a very welcome sense of control…impressive contributions to the overall group process…validated my teaching skills and helped me rise to a higher plane…shared commitment to excellence and a profound respect for precision and attention to detail…enlightened me about the fundamental importance of systematic organization, preparatory analysis and post-training evaluation…facilitated a large and complex training program. I cannot recommend him highly enough.”