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"Engage creative and technical professionals on short- and longer-term projects."

IBM Corporation


Bank of America




Books That Work/Sierra




Ortho Books


University of California,


   IBM Corporation

Need – Instructional Designers, Graphics Designers, and Evaluators to develop key training and education programs delivered in classrooms, via satellite broadcast, and online to employees worldwide.

Solution – Provided over 25 professional staff (B.S., M.S., and Ph.D.) over a 4-year period to assist IBM staff in development of these solutions.

"Market-Driven Quality Deployment" (AS Line of Business Version - 3-day Interactive Workshops with learner keypad Q&A and testing and self-instructional materials, videos, Participant and Facilitator Guides)

• Introduction/Administration
• Roll Up Your Sleeves
• Survival/AS LOB Strategy
• SID Quality Plan Highlights
• Breakout #1 - "Lessons Learned"
• From Talkin' to Walkin'
• Defining Market Needs
• Employee Participation
• ISD Quality Plan Highlights
• Breakout #2 - "Executive Leadership Plan"
• Six Sigma/Defect Elimination
• Total Cycle Time Reduction
• AS Quality Plan Highlights
• Measurements/Benchmarking
• Process Improvement
• Education Rollout
• Breakout #3 - "Energizing the Corporation"
• Glossary
• Bibliography

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"Market-Driven Quality Deployment" (IBM US Version – 3-day Interactive Workshops with learner keypad Q&A and testing and self-instructional materials, videos, Participant and Facilitator Guides)

• Roll-Up Sleeves: The Plot
• The Issue of Survival: The Why
• Motorola Story: An Example
• From Talkin' to Walkin'
• Six Sigma: Defect Elimination
• Total Cycle Time Reduction
• Measurement/Benchmarking
• Defining Market Needs
• Employee Participation
• The Baldrige Assessment
• Process Management
• MDQ Deployment Workshop
• Glossary
• Bibliography

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Books That Work/Sierra

Need – Develop database, documentation, and photographs for two best-selling consumer software products.

Solution – Provided expert who was major contributor to horticultural database and photographs for several product releases (until company was sold to an out of state buyer).

"Garden Encyclopedia"
"3D Landscape"

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   Monsanto/Solaris/Ortho Books

Need – For new CD-ROM versions of these best-selling references on pests and diseases of plants, identify and select exemplary photographs from worldwide experts.

Solution – Provided the Photo Editor who solicited 100's of slides from experts worldwide and selected most exemplary photos for this new publication.

"The Ortho Problem Solver" (Professional and Consumer Editions)

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Cash Management Services

Need – Minimize the loss of customers as a result of the merger by making the transition as seamless as possible.

Solution – Managed the design, development and delivery of sales, customer service and product training for the just merged organization for all of California. Costs were minimized by developing tools and templates that internal subject matter experts could use to develop and deliver training. Customer retention exceeded the company's goals.

"Security Pacific Bank Merger Training" (The first item was a 3-day management conference, followed by delivery of the other components at all California Regional offices in ½ to 1-day sessions, with Participant and Facilitator guides and new product and sales collateral materials)

• Organizational Overview & Strategy
• Account Administration
• Credit Deposit Services
• Remittance Banking
• Account Reconcilement
• Controlled Disbursements
• Electronic Payment Services
• Money Transfer Services
• Capital Markets Operations


Training and Development Services

Need – Ability to schedule and track participation in training activities companywide.

Solution – Designed, piloted and successfully launched the first online training management system for B of A. Created highly-effective Trainer's Guide and step-by-step Participant Handbook for use in classrooms and on-the-job by departmental administrators and managers.

"Training Information System" (½-day workshop, User Reference Manual, Participant and Facilitator Guides)"

• Basics

- Introducing the Training Information System (TIS)
- Features
- Benefits
- How TIS Works
- Organization of the Manual

• TIS Essentials, Problems, and System Messages

- Essentials
- Common Problems
- System Messages:

> TIS System Messages
> 3270 System Messages
> Line Terminal (Silent 700 System Messages)

• Procedures

- Accessing ABACIS
- Course
- Student
- List
- Post
- Report

• Glossary

• Code Tables

- Attendance Codes
- Course Category Codes
- Course Codes
- Course Objective Codes
- Location Codes
- Sponsor Codes
- Trainer Codes

• Sample Reports
• Feedback Forms



Need – For the global Chairman of Citicorp technology develop financial services domain expertise in 14 hand-picked, world-class systems experts to enable their ongoing consultation to Citicorp on innovative applications of technology.

Solution – Designed and developed a 2-week interactive seminar facilitated by Citicorp experts and executives. Provided key content in Participant and Trainer's Guides plus over 30 video segments integrated within topics.

"Strategic Technology Evaluation Program"


University of California, Davis

Department of Horticulture

Need – Develop web-based lessons for a new undergraduate course, "Introduction to Environmental Horticulture and Urban Forestry."

Solution – Designed and developed a series of web-based lessons on core topics.

"Classify" (Click to view training materials)






Medical Training Center

Need – Ensure medical and law enforcement professionals statewide know how to gather forensic evidence, treat patients, and successfully testify in cases of abuse and domestic violence.

Solution – Led design and development of an innovative new curriculum. Courses include Participant and Trainer's Guides plus media and labs to teach clinical gathering and handling of evidence.

"Basic Training for the Sexual Assault Forensic Examiner" (2- Day Interactive Workshop with Practicum, Resource Manual/Participant Guide, Facilitator’s Guide)

• Introductions and Overview
• S.A.R.T. Concept
• Basic Legal Issues
• Sexual Assault History
• Psychodynamics of Rape
• Anatomy Review
• Exam & Evidence Collection
• Treatment and Follow-Up
• Advanced Techniques
• Assessment
• Skill Stations (Practicum)
• Effective Expert Testimony
• A.P.S.A.C. Glossary of Terms
• Wrap Up and Final Evaluation

"Basic Communication Skills"

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Need – Design and produce an effective and easy-to-use corporate website within strict budget and time limitations.

Solution – Provided artist and developer who created – on time and under budget.

Click here to go to the Agribuys website.

  Greenbrae Property Owners Association

Need – Create an online presence for the Greenbrae Property Owners Association which provides useful information for area residents, including current news, community events, an area map, and a discussion forum for community issues.

Solution – Provided the project manager, artist and web developer who created the Greenbrae Property Owners Association website.

Click here to go to the website of the Greenbrae Property Owners Association.

  Sudden Oak Death Professionals

Need – Build a data-driven website to provide news, discussion and educational materials related to the tree blight known as Sudden Oak Death.

Solution – Provided the project manager and web developer who created the Sudden Oak Death Website.

Click here to go to the Sudden Oak Death Website.