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"Improve processes and tools to enhance individual and team performance."

Bank of America


SBC/Pacific Bell



IBM Corporation


Training and Development Services

Corporate Training and Development Department

Need – Ability to schedule and track participation in training activities companywide.

Solution – Designed, piloted and successfully launched the first online training management system for B of A. Created highly-effective Trainer's Guide and step-by-step Participant Handbook for use in classrooms and on-the-job by departmental administrators and managers.

"Training Information System" (½-day workshop, User Reference Manual, Participant and Facilitator Guides)"

• Basics

- Introducing the Training Information System (TIS)
- Features
- Benefits
- How TIS Works
- Organization of the Manual

• TIS Essentials, Problems, and System Messages

- Essentials
- Common Problems
- System Messages:

> TIS System Messages
> 3270 System Messages
> Line Terminal (Silent 700 System Messages)

• Procedures

- Accessing ABACIS
- Course
- Student
- List
- Post
- Report

• Glossary

• Code Tables

- Attendance Codes
- Course Category Codes
- Course Codes
- Course Objective Codes
- Location Codes
- Sponsor Codes
- Trainer Codes

• Sample Reports
• Feedback Forms


Team Planning and Development

Global Payment Operations Division

Need – Improve the quality, productivity and interaction between team members of intact work teams.

Solution – Designed and facilitated a flexible team development program that incorporated experiential learning, individual team member surveys and group activities delivered to approximately 20 work teams. Ratings as measured by internal service level agreements increased across 80% of the teams within 6 months.

"Team Dynamics Program" (½- to 2-day facilitated session with team surveys completed as prework, an optional experiential activity, Facilitator and Participant Guides)

• Introductions/Purpose/Agenda
• "Gold of the Desert Kings" (optional team building activity)
• Teams and Teamwork: Definitions
• Teamwork Values
• Stages of Team Development
• Survey Debrief
• Individual Action Planning
• Style Diversity
• Team Improvement Plan
• Wrap Up/Evaluation


Global Payment Services Division

Need – Enhance the succession planning process by creating a more qualified and diverse pool of candidates to move into senior management positions.

Solution – Developed and facilitated a six-month program with the senior management team that identified high potential leaders in the organization, linked mentors and protégées, and provided guidance and tools for their development.

"'Best Partner' Mentoring Program" (6-month process with facilitated kick-off and closing meetings, mentor and protégé materials, one-on-one conferences and interventions as needed)

Kick-Off Meeting






Why Best Partners Now?

• BACMS Goals
• Leadership Success Factors

Program Objectives

Senior Management's Role


The Mentoring Experience

• A Real One from the Past
• Hopes and Fears for the Future


Program Description

Roles and Responsibilities




Communicating with Your Sponsoring Partner

• Giving Feedback
• Receiving It




Advice from Past BofA Mentoring Participants


Preparation for Leadership Experience Activity


Mentor Introductions with Q & A


Leadership Experiences to Build On


Tonight's & Tomorrow's Agenda/Close


Financial Institutions Payment Support Division

Need – Redefine the customer service support levels for the major client groups, the processes and roles to support them, and then develop action plans for implementing the new strategy.

Solution – Developed consensus on the core processes based on customer requirements, drafted the key responsibilities for the four major organizational roles, then developed action plans to continue the work by facilitating a two-day planning session for a cross section of the group that touched each part of the process.

"Process Redesign Session" (2-day facilitated session with Facilitator Guide and participant handouts)









Getting Connected/Norms

The Current Servicing Support Processes

Force Field Analysis

F I Payments Initiatives/Strategy




Process Requirements

New Servicing Processes: Table View

New Overall Servicing Process: Fishbowl


Evaluation and Close







Evaluation Feedback & Agenda Review

Organization Design Principles

New Organizational Roles & Responsibilities:Table View

New Organizational Roles & Responsibilities: Fishbowl




Bridging the Gap

Action Planning

Next Steps


Evaluation and Close


Southwest Retail Division

Need – Create a pool of external management candidates to supplement the internal succession planning process and reduce time vacant positions remain unfilled.

Solution – Created a competency model for the position through a series of focus groups that identified the skills, traits and behaviors that lead to superior branch manager performance. Next we worked with recruiters to develop a series of questions to incorporate in the interview process.

"Branch Manager Performance Model" (3-month process involving management interviews, facilitated focus group meetings, with Facilitator Guide and participant handouts, completed performance model with related interview questions)


(Section of pre-reading for focus group participants)

A performance model typically contains the following:

· Key areas of Responsibility
· Outputs (deliverables) produced under each area
· Measures of the outputs
· Tasks performed to achieve the outputs
· Skills, Knowledge & Behaviors required to perform the tasks

Here's a partial example of what the above might produce for a typical management position:

  Key Responsibility: Performance Assessment and Management
  Outputs: Performance Plan

Done annually with quarterly review

Concurrence with employees

  Key Tasks: Establish performance plans for each employee
Discuss and review with each employee quarterly
Conduct on going coaching as needed
  Skills, Knowledge & Behaviors: Coaching, counseling, managing difficult employees, directness, etc.


 SBC/Pacific Bell

Need – Ability to schedule and track training activities for the Professional Development group.

Solution – Designed and developed the training and enhanced the functionality of this first online system based on requirements identified during training development. Created Trainer's Guide and step-by-step Participant Handbook for use in classrooms and on-the-job by departmental administrators and managers.

"Professional Development Training Requirements Database" (1/2-Day Workshop, User's Guide)

• Basics

- Introducing TRD
- General Capabilities of TRD
- Benefits of TRD
- How TRD Works
- Report Capabilities
- Organization of this Guide

• Procedures

- Logging On to TRD
- Logging Off TRD

• Navigating in TRD

- Entering Data in TRD
- Keys and "Wildcards"
- F-Keys
- Printing Your Reports
- Common Problems and System Messages
- Common Problems
- Error Messages
- Help Contacts
- Proprietary Information

• Running Reports

- Report #1: Names or Number of Individuals Completing Courses
- Report #2: Course Completion Status Report (Grid)
- Report #3: Number of Course Days by Title and Segment
- Report #4: Incomplete Curriculum by Employee Name and Course Number
- Report #5: Professional Development Courses and Equivalents
- Report #6: Freeform Reports
- Report #7: Examples
- Report #8: Individual or Organization Curriculum Worksheet
- Report #9: Monthly Comparison: Student Days by Segment

• Sample Reports
• Code Tables
• Glossary

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Need – For executives and senior staff to be able to view key business performance metrics rolled up in one place, with ability to click to see more detail.

Solution – Created a custom ‘dashboard’ that pulled data from various local and internet sources to track staffing, revenue, billable hours, project data, etc.

"Executive Dashboard" (TBD)

(click to enlarge)

Need – To allow employees, business partners, and customers to access in one online location the latest company news, intranet resources, training programs and materials, product documentation, and internal ‘gurus’.

Solution – Created a unified user screen, database, and links to all current resources.

"Knowledge Center" (TBD)

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"VerticalNet Global Integration & Strategy Conference" (Intensive 3-day Interactive Strategy & Planning Workshop, Participant Guides, Videos, Product Demos, Breakout Sessions, 40 Plenary Sessions and Presenters, Fully Planned, Facilitated, and Broadcast)

• White Papers

- The Evolution of Digital Markets
- Competing in the Evolving Landscape of B2B Digital Markets
- Online B2B Exchanges
- The Internet-based ASP Marketplace
- The New Economics of Transactions
- Machine to Machine e-Business

• Expert Presentations on Products, Services, and Implementations

- Roadmap Discussion Document
- Content and Community – Community Builder
- Before the Buy – Related Products and Services
- Storefronts, ECCs, VertCat, Pavilions
- eProcurement Highlights
- C2Suite – Cooperative-Commerce Suite
- Business Publisher Suite
- Business Publisher 1.0 User Guide
- Beyond The Buy Button- OMF CIE SCC P&F
- “How to” Sales Demo
- OMF 1 Order Pipeline
- OMF 10 Exhibit D - CC Settlement failed – Vert
- OMF 11 Exhibit E - Backorder_Refuse
- OMF 2 Order Create
- Catalog Strategy and Data Acquisition
- Request for Proposal & Request for Quote
- Platform Architecture – eCommerce & Infrastructure
- Before the Buy Architecture
- After the Buy Architecture
- 3.0 Terminology
- V3.0 Technical Summary
- Implementation and Product Matrix
- Elastomers Project Briefing
- e-Catalysts Project Briefing
- Paint & Coatings Project Briefing
- TCCG Project1 (Clusters)
- Ontology at VerticalNet: Ontology 101
- Competitive Intelligence - Introduction & Overview
- Industry Overview - Blue collar MRO
- Global Client Operations
- Globalization of VerticalNet Sites

  IBM Corporation

Market-Driven Transformation Education Series

Need – Facilitate the worldwide corporate transformation of IBM from technology- to market-driven business practices.

Solution – Managed, designed and developed a 4-year series of strategic classroom and self-study multimedia courses. Led design and development of all content and materials with international business and IBM experts teaching concepts and developing practical applications of market-driven quality with employees worldwide. Each year, courses first were delivered to over 1,000 executives. Then, content and activities were tailored to practical applications by all employees. Participant and Trainer's Guides, videos, computer-based lessons and multimedia.

"Market-Driven Implementation" (3-day Interactive Workshops with learner keypad Q&A and testing and self-instructional materials, videos, Participant and Facilitator Guides)

• Administration
• Course Introduction
• Breakout Sessions
• Market-Driven Direction
• Market-Driven Company
• Reading Material
• Executive Speaker
• Requirements Process
• Development Process
• Application Opportunities & Solutions
• Marketing Planning
• Manufacturing
• Financial Support
• Field Excellence
• Service
• Market-Driven Quality
• Education Support
• Executive Close
• Feedback

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